Tuesday, March 30, 2010

London Calling!

Twiggy is back! One of England's biggest fashion models form the 60's has decided to collaborate with HSN and create a collection. I stumbled upon an interview with Elle Magazine so click here to read on!

I just got a craving for a tarte aux frambroise on a hot summers day! ahhhhh I'm going crazy with this rainy cold windy weather! I want to throw on some wedges, witha cute little printed dress, and a colored clutch!!! Enough of this black winter wear! We need some color now!

Work it!

Hey! sorry for not posting in a few days, school is going to be the death of me!
I did get some awesome news though! I've found a summer job that starts tomorrow! I'm so happy! It's in an Atelier for retouches which will be a really awesome experience for me! I'll only be working Wednesdays and Saturdays because of school but that's fine with me! Beats hanging around in cafes all day no?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wish List

As I was walking by the Tara Jarmon boutique in Cannes today, I saw this dress and fell absolutely in love with it. Their spring/summer 2010 collection is sophisticated and fun at the same, using great light logical textiles. Tara Jarmon has my heart and should have yours too.

- The maxi dress: I love the white and blue contrast, reminds me a bit of those greek houses with the white paint and cobalt blue shudders...beautiful.

-Too see the rest of Spring/Summer 2010 collection here's the show:

Sweet Tooth

Here are 2 articles I found that I'm just craving to add to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I read and saw that one of the trends out there is "Soft" consisting of light pastels and as we say "girly" prints. Designers are using textiles such as Silk, jersey, and cashmere. (though I must say I'm not too happy with the cashmere, I don't find it very logical for hot summer weather.)

The pants are DKNY Spring/Summer 2010
The shorts are Porter Grey Spring/Summer 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010


So last night, i watched Tim Burton's make of Alice in Wonderland...
I'm still unsure if i liked it or not, but one thing that kept me watching this film were the costumes, especially Helena Bonham Carter and Mia Wasikowska's dresses. They were amazing! I read a great interview where Colleen Atwood talks about the inspiration and differences between the costumes of the main characters! Click!


Howdy there!
I've decided to create a blog where i talk about what i do exactly in my school, you see I live in France and attend design school. So I decided to use this as a way to...express (my self, talk about LA LIFE down in the South of France, Cannes to be exact) and explain!
Hope you enjoy this!