Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ok, so normally you'd think I'd be blogging away during summer, but I've been totally busy! Between work and partying I don't think I've slept a full night's sleep since May. I'll resume my whole life right now though.
So, work has been killing me, the money is good, obviously, it always is. But the job it's self contributes nothing to helping me pursue my career. Though one of the shops we work with offered me a job for the year in between school. It's called Mirage. The clothing is for older women, but very sophisticated and at the same time fun and up to date. I really wouldn't mind working with them. I just don't know how to quit this job, they've been so good to me here!
Also! In case I haven't exactly explained my job, let me take this chance to now! I work at Cannes Retouches Services. What we do mend and repair clothes, a tailoring store basically. My job is to deliver to our boutique clients. Meaning for example if somebody were to go to...Mirage, and wanted to have the pants they wanted to buy brought up 2 cm, then Mirage sends it off to us, well, I come and pick it up actually...and take it back. But sometimes people don't come back for their purchases. Or they leave on vacation, forget about them, even die unfortunately. So the articles that aren't ever picked up, we put to the side. We keep them for a year. Then we can do what we want with them. I was looking through the pile the other day and found a pair of drop dead pants that Posh would most definitely get out her cat claws for. They are high waisted just over the hips, and end at my heel, wide legged and good polyester fabric. Light, but can also keep me warm in winter for sure. They're black, which luckily is a great color on everybody.I tried looking up the mark on the internet, Manitas Paris, but found little about them, maybe it's a house that closed down. But if anybbody knows about this label please contact me because I'd love to find out more about them and myabe even purchase a few more products from them.
Seeing as I finally found a job where I make money that I can spend on what I want, I bought this top from Maje ( a french label I'm in love with and have wanted to buy from since I first came here) I took this opportunity to find a good treasure from them and make it mine! Whilst digging through the last of their sales pile (more than 50% off on top of that) I found a top I recalled drooling over during winter, but it was a 3 digit number that I was in no way willing to pay. As I picked up the top, crossed my fingers for the shopping gods to pull threw for me, and they did!!!! A price I was more than up for to pay!
The top looks like Jackson Pollock went to town on it using a rich green, black, red, white, and violet blue. The back has buttons going down the middle, and the sleeves cut off just above the elbow.

I'm also on the look out for an aviator jacket, vintage or new? before I'm off the Copenhaguen (october 15th) seeing as it will be a bit chilly over there, so if anyone has seen one please contact me!!! I've seen them all over but the perfect one, a few on ebay but I'm horrible with that whole auction stuff, Caroll has one too, but it's coming in on september with the rest of the winter collection!

Promise to post again soon guys!