Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ok, so normally you'd think I'd be blogging away during summer, but I've been totally busy! Between work and partying I don't think I've slept a full night's sleep since May. I'll resume my whole life right now though.
So, work has been killing me, the money is good, obviously, it always is. But the job it's self contributes nothing to helping me pursue my career. Though one of the shops we work with offered me a job for the year in between school. It's called Mirage. The clothing is for older women, but very sophisticated and at the same time fun and up to date. I really wouldn't mind working with them. I just don't know how to quit this job, they've been so good to me here!
Also! In case I haven't exactly explained my job, let me take this chance to now! I work at Cannes Retouches Services. What we do mend and repair clothes, a tailoring store basically. My job is to deliver to our boutique clients. Meaning for example if somebody were to go to...Mirage, and wanted to have the pants they wanted to buy brought up 2 cm, then Mirage sends it off to us, well, I come and pick it up actually...and take it back. But sometimes people don't come back for their purchases. Or they leave on vacation, forget about them, even die unfortunately. So the articles that aren't ever picked up, we put to the side. We keep them for a year. Then we can do what we want with them. I was looking through the pile the other day and found a pair of drop dead pants that Posh would most definitely get out her cat claws for. They are high waisted just over the hips, and end at my heel, wide legged and good polyester fabric. Light, but can also keep me warm in winter for sure. They're black, which luckily is a great color on everybody.I tried looking up the mark on the internet, Manitas Paris, but found little about them, maybe it's a house that closed down. But if anybbody knows about this label please contact me because I'd love to find out more about them and myabe even purchase a few more products from them.
Seeing as I finally found a job where I make money that I can spend on what I want, I bought this top from Maje ( a french label I'm in love with and have wanted to buy from since I first came here) I took this opportunity to find a good treasure from them and make it mine! Whilst digging through the last of their sales pile (more than 50% off on top of that) I found a top I recalled drooling over during winter, but it was a 3 digit number that I was in no way willing to pay. As I picked up the top, crossed my fingers for the shopping gods to pull threw for me, and they did!!!! A price I was more than up for to pay!
The top looks like Jackson Pollock went to town on it using a rich green, black, red, white, and violet blue. The back has buttons going down the middle, and the sleeves cut off just above the elbow.

I'm also on the look out for an aviator jacket, vintage or new? before I'm off the Copenhaguen (october 15th) seeing as it will be a bit chilly over there, so if anyone has seen one please contact me!!! I've seen them all over but the perfect one, a few on ebay but I'm horrible with that whole auction stuff, Caroll has one too, but it's coming in on september with the rest of the winter collection!

Promise to post again soon guys!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hey guys! sorry i've been neglecting the blog. You know how writer's get writer's block? Well I had like...inspiration block.
Good news is thtat I'm back and sales start tomorrow!!!! Though we'll see how I work that out around work hours :( I'm sure I'll find time to pass by my 2 favourit stores in Cannes: Sandro and Maje. They're both french and fabulous! What I loved was the fact that they even got a mention in this month's Elle US! Right on right on!

For those who prefer doing their sales shopping on line instead of waiting in line in the stores here's a doing up to 50 percent off the Maje Summer collection:

And for Sandro:

Have fun guys!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Last night I watched a film which I probably should of watched long ago. Coco Avant Chanel, where Audrey Tautou portays the queen of fashion in her early life before she created her empire. One thing that caught my was the costumes (big shock there!) Costume designer Catherine Leterrier explained that to dressing Coco was different then dressing any other character that she has dressed before.

“The aim was not to make a movie about the history of fashion. We occasionally had to take liberties with time. To fit in with the storyline, the famous striped mariner’s sweater worn by Chanel in the legendary photos of the 1930s appears earlier in the movie, in the scene where Coco is walking along the beach with Boy and notices the sweaters of the fishermen as they pull in their nets. At another point, as Anne [Anne Fontaine- Film Director] wanted me to imagine how the world-famous Chanel bag originated, I drew a quilted sewing pouch in the shape of the bag, and had it made out of an old, black, flecked cotton canvas that peasants’ clothing used to be made of, as if the young Coco had made it out of a remnant given to her by her aunts.”

This film unexpectedly inspired me to keep going ( I recently found myself in a very unmotivated and uninspired phase, designer's block let's call it) and to not stop. Chanel was not a little rich girl who's father gave her money to hire people to desing, she made her empire, she made her own rules, she made it on her own!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Les It Girls

Move over Alexa and Daisy ( though I do love you girls) France is having yet another revolution, though this time politics has nothing to do with it. Some of France's hottest actresses are making their way onto the international red carpet and getting noticed and praised for it!

Melaine Laurent

The young Parisienne has already played a supporting role in Inglorious Bastards by Tarantino, gave a beautful role in a french film that came out in March called La Rafle (The Round Up) and will playing along side Ewan McGregor coming out this year.
Clemence Poesy

She first caught our eyes in Harry Potter 4 when she portrayed the role of Fleur, and since then she has stayed with the french film industry. Though we can still see her in the advertisment for the Chloe perfum and will se her in the next Harry Potter installement.

Lea Seydoux

With her first french film done in 2006 Lea is quite new to the film inudstry. Though known for her beauty throughout France, she had a very short role in Inglorious Bastards and made her international debut on the red carpet in Cannes at the premier of Robin Hood at the opening of the Cannes film festival.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I just watched The Edge of Love, starring Kiera Knightly and Sienna Miller. The story was along the lines of Closer (Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts) and Atonement. Set during WWII in London and Wales, I became jealous watching the 2 women wear black and green wellies with wool socks and adorable flower printed dresses with wool cardigans and floppy hats!
I love how the costume designer shows us difference between la mode between broken down London and Wales at the time. For example, in the beginning we see Kiera mainly wearing tight knee-length pin skirts and with fitted jackets, where as to when she moves to Wales (SPOILER, SORRY :( ) where she and Sienna have fun by the coast in dresses and wellies as i described earlier.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tiger Tiger Buring Bright



I have found a new love, and it is not a pair of heels (though I wouldn't mind finidng a pair those either). It is a man, but it not just any man, it is a photographer named Francisco Garcia! I have fallen in love with his diversly themed photo shoots, almost as much as I love Terry Richardson!


Spring, we all love for personal reasons. Personally, many of my reasons are based on fashion, and the fact that this season falls on my birthday (which was last Thursday, now 17!). One of the best things about spring is the Met Gala in New York. To honor the costume department event, stars put on their best of the best. In my opinion if you think they looked good at the Oscars, wait and see what they wore here because this the time and place they feel most criticezed seeing as Anna Wintour co-chaires this event with the department.

Here are my top 5 picks for this year:
Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Camilla Belle in Jason Wu

Anna Hathaway in Valentino

Eva Longoria Parker in Marchesa

Nicole Richie in Marc Jacobs

Monday, May 3, 2010


The mastermind, ERTE

Saturday, May 1, 2010

jovovich hawk

So i don't know if any you know who Milla Jovovich is but I've recently been idolizing her, not only does she act (in the best zombie films) but she sings and designs! A few years back she teamed up with Carmen Hawk and they started a collection. I don't know if the public was pleased because their last collection was their first. Personally i love everything about this collection, its light tissues and luxurious 70's vibe I get off it. Awesome!

And I Fall...

My mom showed me this song a while a go, but it didn't stick to me, I find myself now playing this more and more everyday on my ipod...her voice is beautiful.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eagle Seagull

This is the song playing 24 times a day on my ipod

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I was surfing the net the other and somehow came upon this article talking about the "India Color Festival". It just so happens that each year in Spring, all of India has a festival of color. They partaaaaay by throwing colored water and powder at each other all over the streets of India. I found these amazing pictures that augmented my cravings to travel there even more.

Inspired by the colors of this festive country, I also happened to cross paths with this bathing suit in a store. Just in time for the season and somehow almost seeming to define exactly what colors and designs were floating around in my mind, I went a head and bought it (it was a such a bargain).

Night Night!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I don't know about you guys, but I have always had a thing for BIG, CHUNKY, jewelry. I don't know why but when the weather starts heating up, I need to pimp out my bijoux collection wiht big bangles, layered, long neckleces, and of course ring with big, fat stones on them! On easter Sunday, Mamma and I decided to take a drive around the mountain side where we stumbled upon a little market selling clothes, fruits,, cheese (that's an obligation in France i think) and jewelry :D The lady was selling these big, fat, chunky, heavy ring for only 5 euros, I think Mamma understood my craving and let me choose one, I chose this Jade coloured and haven't taken it off sense, it's one of my favourit colours and have been looking for a ring just this for donkey years! Well now i can check this off the lsit :D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

London Calling!

Twiggy is back! One of England's biggest fashion models form the 60's has decided to collaborate with HSN and create a collection. I stumbled upon an interview with Elle Magazine so click here to read on!

I just got a craving for a tarte aux frambroise on a hot summers day! ahhhhh I'm going crazy with this rainy cold windy weather! I want to throw on some wedges, witha cute little printed dress, and a colored clutch!!! Enough of this black winter wear! We need some color now!

Work it!

Hey! sorry for not posting in a few days, school is going to be the death of me!
I did get some awesome news though! I've found a summer job that starts tomorrow! I'm so happy! It's in an Atelier for retouches which will be a really awesome experience for me! I'll only be working Wednesdays and Saturdays because of school but that's fine with me! Beats hanging around in cafes all day no?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wish List

As I was walking by the Tara Jarmon boutique in Cannes today, I saw this dress and fell absolutely in love with it. Their spring/summer 2010 collection is sophisticated and fun at the same, using great light logical textiles. Tara Jarmon has my heart and should have yours too.

- The maxi dress: I love the white and blue contrast, reminds me a bit of those greek houses with the white paint and cobalt blue shudders...beautiful.

-Too see the rest of Spring/Summer 2010 collection here's the show:

Sweet Tooth

Here are 2 articles I found that I'm just craving to add to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I read and saw that one of the trends out there is "Soft" consisting of light pastels and as we say "girly" prints. Designers are using textiles such as Silk, jersey, and cashmere. (though I must say I'm not too happy with the cashmere, I don't find it very logical for hot summer weather.)

The pants are DKNY Spring/Summer 2010
The shorts are Porter Grey Spring/Summer 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010


So last night, i watched Tim Burton's make of Alice in Wonderland...
I'm still unsure if i liked it or not, but one thing that kept me watching this film were the costumes, especially Helena Bonham Carter and Mia Wasikowska's dresses. They were amazing! I read a great interview where Colleen Atwood talks about the inspiration and differences between the costumes of the main characters! Click!


Howdy there!
I've decided to create a blog where i talk about what i do exactly in my school, you see I live in France and attend design school. So I decided to use this as a way (my self, talk about LA LIFE down in the South of France, Cannes to be exact) and explain!
Hope you enjoy this!