Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hey guys! sorry i've been neglecting the blog. You know how writer's get writer's block? Well I had like...inspiration block.
Good news is thtat I'm back and sales start tomorrow!!!! Though we'll see how I work that out around work hours :( I'm sure I'll find time to pass by my 2 favourit stores in Cannes: Sandro and Maje. They're both french and fabulous! What I loved was the fact that they even got a mention in this month's Elle US! Right on right on!

For those who prefer doing their sales shopping on line instead of waiting in line in the stores here's a doing up to 50 percent off the Maje Summer collection: http://maje.placedestendances.com

And for Sandro:

Have fun guys!!

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  1. My oh my, you've really found a boutique with style girl! Is this a new shop in Cannes? You got to take me there when I'm down - I get paid while I'm down ;)