Sunday, May 16, 2010

Les It Girls

Move over Alexa and Daisy ( though I do love you girls) France is having yet another revolution, though this time politics has nothing to do with it. Some of France's hottest actresses are making their way onto the international red carpet and getting noticed and praised for it!

Melaine Laurent

The young Parisienne has already played a supporting role in Inglorious Bastards by Tarantino, gave a beautful role in a french film that came out in March called La Rafle (The Round Up) and will playing along side Ewan McGregor coming out this year.
Clemence Poesy

She first caught our eyes in Harry Potter 4 when she portrayed the role of Fleur, and since then she has stayed with the french film industry. Though we can still see her in the advertisment for the Chloe perfum and will se her in the next Harry Potter installement.

Lea Seydoux

With her first french film done in 2006 Lea is quite new to the film inudstry. Though known for her beauty throughout France, she had a very short role in Inglorious Bastards and made her international debut on the red carpet in Cannes at the premier of Robin Hood at the opening of the Cannes film festival.

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